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Create and send a delivery note, Invoice Office!

Create and send a delivery note

A delivery note, what is it really?

When you act as an entrepreneur in goods, in addition to invoices you often have to send delivery notes. It is popularly the same as a packing note. It is a description of the content of goods that are sent and delivered. It is more than just an order list, because it also contains information about the sender and available materials or products. As far as your administration is concerned, you also want to keep the delivery note, because it is part of the invoice.

View our delivery note example

Below is an example for a packing note. This is a standard template that meets all the requirements that can be made in Invoice Office in an instant. You can even add an introductory and closing text to the document.

Would you like to view the packing note better? Click on the link below to download it as a PDF file.

Download the delivery note example here