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Create quotation

Create quotation

Quotation, also known as a quote. It is a document that a supplier will submit to a potential client that lists the proposed prices for the supplier's goods or services. There are different ways by which you can create a quote. Check below screenshot

Step 1: Click on sales> quotes in the upper left corner. For a new quotation, click on the "Create Quote" or the top left of the plus next to quotations from your dashboard.

A new quote opens. First, choose the desired customer and a contact person. Also, check whether the company details are correct as the address and the VAT number. The quotation date is filled in as the day of creation of the document. You can change this yourself. Check whether the expiry date is correct, enter any delivery date, reference, and attribute and check if the currency is correctly set.

Now add multiple products or services and their desired quantity to the quotation. You can also add any personalized note or attachment. Then check whether the amount on the final bill is correct, and don't forget to preview your quotation before sending.

Now your quotation is ready. Click on send > finalize to finish your quotation

Then go to sales > quotes to check your quotations. Now, click Send e-mail with PDF to send it to your customers.

Your quote has been sent and is now in your overview of offers.

Do you receive a notification that the offer has been approved? Next to the quotation, click action> change quotation status .

You will see in your overview of offers that this offer has been approved. Create an invoice directly from the quotation by clicking on action> create invoice next to the quotation.

A new invoice opens, filled in with exactly the same data and information as on the previously created quotation. Check that everything is correct and then click send.

Your quote is turned into an invoice and sent successfully! He will from now on be found under sales> invoices.