31 January 2017
What is a VAT number?

What is a VAT number? And how can I check it?

If you want to send invoices, it is important that you provide a correct VAT number. But when should you mention it? And what is a VAT number? In this article we help you by answering these questions.
31 January 2017
Tips for entrepreneurs: VAT return

Tips for entrepreneurs: VAT return

If you want to be your own boss, you have to pay a little more attention to VAT, the value added tax. Every entrepreneur has to deal with it. Ultimately, the consumer pays the tax that is levied by the government on selling services or products. As a company you only pay the sales tax that you could charge to your customers.
31 January 2017
News: Chamber of Commerce

News: Chamber of Commerce connection available in Invoice Office

Recently, Invoice Office also added a link with the Chamber of Commerce . This allows you to quickly look up your address details and the Chamber of Commerce number of a company based on the company name. This also speeds up the process for creating an invoice once you have created a customer and project. Manually searching for a Chamber of Commerce number is a thing of the past!
30 January 2017
A proforma invoice

A proforma invoice, what is that?

The clearest difference between an invoice and a pro-forma invoice is that it is an unofficial invoice. The carrier and the date of shipment are not mentioned on the pro forma invoice.