Example credit note

Create credit invoices in minutes.

A credit note example of Invoice Office

What is a credit note or credit invoice and what are the requirements? For many entrepreneurs this is sometimes not clear, while it is important for doing business and putting the cash flow in order. Credit notes ensure a correct administration, which in turn is important for your company to grow. Making a clear credit note is professional and ensures clarity for both parties.

Credit notes are a reduction or a remission of the invoice amount of a previously sent invoice. You therefore send a credit note if the customer owes you less than what you initially invoiced. One reason may be that the delivered products are being returned or that the service was cheaper than initially invoiced. A debit note is the opposite of a credit note, so when an amount is higher than previously invoiced. Invoice Office has a credit note example that is perfect for every entrepreneur.


All credit note requirements under each other

With credit invoices you make your administration and VAT correct again. Without this note the invoice will remain open and your accounting is not complete. Below you will find a list to which your bill must comply.

  • It is advisable to give a reference to the original invoice to which the credit note relates
  • In terms of structure, a credit invoice is the same as an invoice, only the title has been changed and the amounts have been made negative
  • The invoice and the credit note together form the composite legal invoice
  • You can choose a different numbering than your invoices, or renumber from your regular invoices
  • If the invoice contains VAT, the credit note must also contain VAT, only a negative amount

An example credit note for each company

To the right is a sample credit invoice that you can create in Invoice Office.

If you want to see the sample credit note better, click on the link below to download it.

Download the example credit note in PDF
  • I have been using Invoice Office for 5 years now and I think it's fantastic how the design, the functionality and the platform have grown with me.
    Susan Redfield
  • It makes my life so much easier, I wish I had this when I started my business! It really is a time saver and works very pleasant.
    Roy Freeman
    Digital Builders
  • The software looks great in terms of design. The billing that also accepts online payments and keeps track of costs is very easy to use.
    Patrick Berg
    Berg Consultancy

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