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How can I apply a discount to my invoice?

How can I apply a discount to my invoice?

A discount is very easy to add to your invoice. Below I will explain in a few steps how to add a discount.

To indicate a discount on your invoice, you must first ensure that the discount option is turned on.

If you click on the gear icon for columns, Discount is checked, you can add a discount to a product line. At the bottom of the page, you can also add a discount option for the totals. This will also appear on the final bill at the bottom right of the invoice so that the discount relates to the entire bill.

If you check the discount option, a discount appears in the horizontal product row (or totals). Here you can first set whether it concerns a discount percentage or an amount, then you can enter the percentage or amount.

You can check these options in two ways; directly in the invoice, and through the settings of Invoice Office.

To check the discount option through the settings menu: click settings> document design > columns . Check the discount and return to your invoice.

You can also add a specific discount percentage on an invoice or quote by default. You can set this via Settings > Other settings > Document terms

The discount is automatically included in the calculation by the software. Well organized!