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Import data from customers, suppliers and products

Import data from customers, suppliers and products

Now you can easily import data from customers, suppliers and products & save your time.

Go to Settings > Import/export.

This page explains how to upload the file. The file must meet certain requirements, so that the software can read the data. Download the import template in Excel or CSV.

Open step 2. Here you will be reminded that the data must match that in the example row. Pay attention to points, commas and other formatting deviations in the data.

Now open the template file. Now you see the example row at the top of the page, containing the information you need to fill in. As you enter the data here, they will later also appear in the software.

Start with the desired customer number. Then fill in all required and desired customer data.

Did you enter all the details correctly and are you ready to import? Then save the file under a other name.

Now open step 3. Upload the import template. The file will not be processed yet. First, in step 4, an example entry line is displayed to verify that the columns are correctly linked to your data.

Go to step 5. Click on import and the data is automatically imported and added to the customer file in your dashboard

The import of the data has been carried out successfully! Click on customer overview to see the result.

All your data has been imported and processed in the software. Get started!