4 July 2019
What is a quote

What is a quote? And how do I make one?

A quote is the precursor of an invoice, an important part of the tendering process. It is an offer for a product or service that the customer can use. Making a quotation is part of the day-to-day work within many disciplines, for example handymen who make a quotation for something to be refurbished. It is a business proposal that the customer can accept or reject.
4 July 2019
What is a VAT number?

What is a VAT number? And how can I check it?

If you want to send invoices, it is important that you provide a correct VAT number. But when should you mention it? And what is ü will be a VAT number? In this article we help you by answering these questions.
4 July 2019

Business Tips: Vat Return

4 July 2019
News: Chamber of Commerce

News: Chamber of Commerce connection available in Invoice Office

Recently, Invoice Office also added a link with the Chamber of Commerce . This allows you to quickly look up your address details and the Chamber of Commerce number of a company based on the company name. This also speeds up the process for creating an invoice once you have created a customer and project. Manually searching for a Chamber of Commerce number is a thing of the past!