4 July 2019

Business Tips: Vat Return

4 July 2019
News: Chamber of Commerce

News: Chamber of Commerce connection available in Invoice Office

Recently, Invoice Office also added a link with the Chamber of Commerce . This allows you to quickly look up your address details and the Chamber of Commerce number of a company based on the company name. This also speeds up the process for creating an invoice once you have created a customer and project. Manually searching for a Chamber of Commerce number is a thing of the past!
4 July 2019
A proforma invoice

A pro-forma invoice, what is that?

The clearest difference between an invoice and a pro-forma invoice is that it is an unofficial invoice. The carrier and the date of shipment are not mentioned on the pro forma invoice.
4 July 2019
Create and send a delivery note

Create and send a delivery note, Invoice Office!

When you act as an entrepreneur in goods, in addition to invoices you often have to send delivery note. It is popularly the same as a packing note.