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News: Chamber of Commerce connection available in Invoice Office

News: Chamber of Commerce

Recently, Invioce Office also added a link with the Chamber of Commerce . This allows you to quickly look up your address details and the Chamber of Commerce number of a company based on the company name. This also speeds up the process for creating an invoice once you have created a customer and project. Manually searching for a Chamber of Commerce number is a thing of the past!

The advantages of the Chamber of Commerce link are:

  • Do not have to look up and add the Chamber of Commerce number manually  
  • Search function for companies, so that you do not have to fill in completely, but you also know that you spell the company name correctly.  
  • Automatically add the number of the Chamber of Commerce based on the company name  
  • Automatically load the address data when you have selected the company via the link  
  • Create an invoice quickly when you have created a customer and project!
See below how the link looks in practice. Click Contacts in the menu, then click Create customer and then select the company when you search under Company name .