Time registration and projectmanagment

Time registration

Easily manage your hours and projects with Invoicing Office. Register hours quick and efficient with our time registration features, just like tasks and projects.

Check time registration demo video

Invoice hours directly

Convert your worked hours directly into an invoice and send this to your customer with one button click. Edit the invoice or send it directly. This integration saves you a lot of time.

Manage your projects and tasks

Manage all your projects and tasks in one overview. The software is built so you can manage and create both easily. We like to keep things simple.


You can use our timer to exactly know how many hours, minutes and seconds you have worked on your project. Registered time automatically appears in the weekly time registration.

Approvals for worked hours

Approve your worked hours automatically. With the option to ask for a digital signature from your client, before the hours are billed.

Team management

The time registration feature is also excellent for project teams. You can set specific rights, so the manager can approve hours for project managers.

Mobile time registration

Wherever you are, you can register your hours. Invoicing Office is available on every device, the only thing you need is an internet connection.