Top 10 Features of Invoice Office

Invoice Office Features

Accounting is one of the crucial parts of every business. As the business grows, the accounting tasks also swell. Maintaining books, generating invoices, and keeping track of ingress and egress of money is essential to track the growth and profitability of a business. Accounting, however, is a tricky operation and demands a lot of skills, knowledge, and precision. Thanks to modern innovations, accounting software has made it very effective for businesses to manage their accounting tasks.

By using accounting software, companies can now effectively employ the resources of their accounting departments, maintain records, reduce errors in bookkeeping, and control the overall costs. There are several companies that are offering accounting solutions for more productive business functioning. However, not all of these software are worth investing.

Finding the most productive and suitable accounting software can become intimidating. Breaking the cliches, Invoice Office has proved its mettle when it comes to error-free, efficient, and cost-effective accounting solutions.

Invoice Office; A smart billing software for businesses          

Invoice Office is smart billing software designed to offer convenience and simplicity of functions to businesses. Catering to the requirements of small businesses, this all-in-one software offers complete administration solution at one place. The software has proved its efficiency in a very short time as the current users of the software rate it to be highly efficient, user-friendly, and easy to use and manage.

When a business grows, the needs multiply, and this is very true in terms of accounts and billing. The more business you generate, the more invoices you have, and it becomes tougher to manage all the accounting operations.

Expanding the size of your accounting department is a solution to the rising accounting workload, but again, it demands a lot of investment and additional management efforts and costs.

Investing in Invoice Office offers you the ease of operations as well as keeps your costs under control. With a one-stop solution to manage the accounts and invoices, you have enough time and attention to focus on your business growth and expansion.

Here are the top 10 features of Invoice Office:

Invoice Office makes your invoicing process easy and organized by offering automation of various processes. You can easily customize the software as per your branding needs and easily create business-centric invoices, quotes, credit notes, packing notes, etc. The software also allows you to set payment reminders to ensure you do not miss on any payment. Besides invoicing support, Invoice Office also allows businesses to create effective Invoices & quotes. Otherwise, time taking process - quotes generation can be done using Invoice office in no time. The Invoices can be generated in a professional format and sent directly to the client. This saves businesses a lot of time and efforts.

All the invoices generated by Invoice Office can be sent to the customers directly in PDF format via email. A copy of the same invoice is also sent to your email address as acknowledgment.

Packing notes are of great importance for businesses that deal in goods. Just like making an invoice, packing noted creation also demands great focus and efforts to ensure error-free processing. Invoice Office makes packing notes for businesses with great finesse and also invoice them simultaneously. You can create multiple packing notes using Invoice office without investing a lot of time.

Customer intimation is crucial for every business. To maintain transparency and allow customers to have a track of their orders, Invoice office offers order confirmation. This feature of the software ensures that the customers are made aware that their orders have been received and confirmed. Just a few clicks and the confirmation is sent to the customer on their registered email id.

The invoices you raise are a professional document sent to your partner businesses and customers. As it is a crucial part of formal communication, branding plays a significant role in making it look authentic. Invoice Office allows you to work on the document design and make every invoice unique as per your branding requirements. You can upload your business logo and choose the matching colors to make the document bespoke to your branding.

Invoice Office has a unique feature, “Time Registration” that allows businesses to manage the hours and projects from one place. The feature allows businesses to convert the worked hours in any invoice and send them to the partner business or customer. It saves a lot of times and efforts as such invoices can be sent to the customers directly via email.

As the business grows, the number of projects increases, which is a great sign of profitability. However, managing these projects can become tedious. Invoice Office comes be fitted with Project Management feature that allows you to manage several projects from one place. You can easily create new projects and manage existing ones with great efficiency.

A business has many customers, suppliers, and products. Managing them can be tedious without the help of efficient software. When you use Invoice Office organizing, and administrating customer becomes very easy. The software also allows you to manage customers with Chamber of Commerce connection. This allows you to fill the customer’s details automatically and save time. You can also import or export the list of customers, products, and suppliers in a few simple steps.

Manage expenses effectively with Invoice Office. Otherwise, time taking process, expenses management is made easy and error-free with Invoice Office. You can easily book all the incoming invoices as well as register receipts using the software on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. The software can also be linked with your bank account for automatic expense management.

Invoice Office is easy to use software with a myriad of features to make accounting and billing easy and efficient. It is a multi-user software that can be operated from any internet device.

The software supports multiple languages and currencies. The dashboard feature allows one-point access to all the major features of the software saving more time.

The software offers 24x7 customer support to ensure you do not get stuck anywhere. We understand the value of your time and thus offer you uncompromised support around the clock.

These features make Invoice Office a perfect solution for your growing accounting needs. Invest in the software today and have more time and money to invest in your core operations, while Invoice Office takes care of your accounting needs.

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