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4 Ways to Avoid Late Payments From Customers

Every business has had its share of clients who give troubles when it comes to timely payments. While these make managing accounts very tough, it also hampers the cashflow in any organization. To find ways to deal with such customers, should be one of the primary objectives of every business.
Free Invoicing Software

The Time and Money Saving Benefits of Free Invoicing Software

For any entity be it a freelancer, a business enterprise, or a start-up, the truth remains the same- today’s market is very competitive. It is very difficult to run the operations and attract and retain the client altogether. It has become very crucial for businesses to look out for ways that allow them to save time, money and other resources
Invoice Office Features

Top 10 Features of Invoice Office

Finding the most productive and suitable accounting software can become intimidating. Breaking the cliches, Invoice Office has proved its mettle when it comes to error-free, efficient, and cost-effective accounting solutions.
What is a VAT number?

Business Tips: Vat Return