Cost administration

Cost administration

Cost administration can be an annoying thing to do that costs a lot of time. With Invoicing Office you can keep up easy and fast. Book all your new invoices and receipts in just a few clicks.

Book incoming invoices

It doesn't matter if you are at home or under way to work, you can easily book all costs in just a few seconds. Booking incoming invoices is very simple. Manage your expenses without the hassle.

Receipts registration

Invoicing Office allows you to quickly capture receipts on your smartphone. Add a description and your receipt is digitally saved in your cost administration.

Costs reporting

Create flexible reporting for all your expenses en use these to keep doing business wisely.

Automatic cost administration

To make things easier, you can import your (company) bank account. With this synchronization, you will have a total overview of all expenses, which you can use for your quarterly or yearly tax returns.