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What is a packing note?

What is a packing note?

A packing note, what is it really?

A packing note is also known as a delivery note. But what is a packing note? If you, as an entrepreneur, self-employed person, SME or freelancer, run a business and trade in goods or products, you can not escape having to send a packing note with the goods to be delivered. It is a supplement to the invoice that accompanies the order.

The definition of a packing note

The definition is very simple. It is a description of the contents of a package or packages. It actually says what is in the package. Consider the type of product, quantity and information about the supplier. So it is a description of the goods that are delivered and shipped.

Remember that you must also keep the packing note in your administration, because it is part of the invoice. The invoice and the packing note together complete the entire document. Do not forget that the customer is waiting for a packing note, because he is often used to count the delivery of products for verification. During the packing note check, the order confirmation and the packing note are compared. Do you want to come across professionally towards your customer? Then make a packing note!

How do I create a packing note?

That is very simple. You can use the invoice you created with Word or Excel and only mention the number of ordered items. So a copy of the

invoice, minus the amounts (a simple version of the invoice). This way you can reuse the information from the supplier at once.

A second option is to use invoice software such as Invoice Office . With our software you can make free packing notes directly from your invoice, so it is very practical. This way you organize your complete bookkeeping within a program, ideal for entrepreneurs.

Our example document

With Invoice Office, our accounting program, you can free and easily create a packing note . The packing note meets all the conditions that the document must satisfy according to the tax authorities.

View our example packing note in PDF here

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