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19 May 2022

Manual Invoicing vs. Invoicing Software: Which One to Prefer?

For all the businesses out there, invoices have a big role. It helps them improve the cash flow and easily understand the business's expenditure. For a very long time, businesses have been considering manual invoicing. But we cannot forget that the technology boost has come up with different invoice software that can make this task simple.
21 January 2021

Paperless Invoicing: Why Make the Switch?

While the business world has relied on the traditional approach for invoicing, the online invoice is the new phenomenon that is making invoicing more efficient. There have been many debates challenging the efficacy of invoicing software and how it is better than the traditional approach. Gladly, there are enough reasons to support the efficiency and accuracy of paperless invoicing. In this post, we have shared 5 good reasons why you must make a switch from traditional invoicing practices to paperless invoicing.
3 December 2020

When Do I Need To Use A Proforma Invoice

Invoice management, irrespective of its boring nature, is a critical task that a business must attend on a day to day basis. Right invoice management is vital for successful cash flow management and hence it is imperative to know what different kinds of invoices are used in businesses. Proforma Invoice is a significant part of the invoicing process and also an aspect with a lot of ambiguity around. What is a proforma invoice and when should one use it is a most commonly asked question.