Invoices and quotes

Je hele facturatieproces overzichtelijk georganiseerd en geautomatiseerd. Aangepast naar je eigen huisstijl maak je gemakkelijk offertes en facturen, maar ook orderbevestigingen, pakbonnen, creditnota's en herinneringen.

Easy invoicing

Your full invoicing process organized and automatic. Customized to your own personal branding. Create invoices, quotes, packing notes, credit notes, payment reminders and much more.

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Creating a solid quote takes time, but it is essential for a companies revenue. Thanks to Invoice Office, quotes are created in minutes. They look professional and can be sent to the potential customer straight away. You can also keep track of the status of your quotes, if you have won or lost them.

Order confirmations

With Invoice Office you can easily send your customers order confirmations to let them know that their orders have been received and confirmed.

Packing notes

If you have a company that deals in goods, making a packing note is just as important as making an invoice. With Invoice Office you can make multiple packing notes and invoice them all at once.

Personal branding

Your invoices are important for your appearance in the world. Invoice Office offers a lot of templates and designs. You can upload your logo and use the same company colors to really match your personal branding style.

Send invoices by email

Send your invoices directly as PDF format. Add additional attachment or a copy of the email to your own address. You can also easily change email templates.

Invoices with online payment feature

The "pay now" button makes it easy for customers to pay you. You will get paid quicker if you make things easier for them. Your customer can pay directly whenever they receive an invoice. We currently have payment options for PayPal, iDeal and Creditcard.

Periodic invoices

Save more time with automatic invoices. You can install a weekly, monthly or yearly cycle, so the customer gets invoiced automatically.

Automatic payment reminders

Send payment reminders for open invoices within minutes. You can also send payment reminders automatically after a standard amount of days.

Multi currency

Invoicing in euro, dollar, pound or any other currency. Our software calculates automatically the current exchange rate.

Multi language and support

Invoice Office is with all features available in several languages and is supported internationally. Everything is available in your local language, but you can also send invoices in the language of your preference, it's up to you!