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What is a stock management/tracking software

Stock Management software, also known as tracking software is a one-stop solution of a majority of stock related processes including tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. Every company has a unique way of handling its stock and an advanced stock management system allows to have customized features for the purpose. The software helps companies’ track and control stock to ensure that their inventory levels are right to cater to the client’s requirements. The stock management software is also befitted with features that allow them to create bills of material, work order, and several other production-related documents.

Stock tracking software features

The modern stock management system is feature-rich. The most striking feature of stock management software include:

  • Reminder on stock levels: Once you set a reminder, the software tracking system gives you an alert as and when the stock levels are above or below the set limit. This helps you keep your inventory maintained at all times and easily full fill the client’s orders.
  • Synchronized supply chain: The product cycle and supply chain, both can be managed with a stock tracking software. When the stocks are full, the product cycle is accelerated.
  • Sales note and packing slip generation: The advanced stock tracking software also enables businesses to generate sales notes as well as packing slips.

Benefits of using the stock management system

There are several benefits of using a stock management system. The software allows businesses to be meet product demand in time. The right amount of stock maintenance ensures that the company does not spend less or more stock procurement. Besides, the stock is used and readily replenished with just the right amount of buffer. This eliminates the need for a budget to manage the stock and minimize wastage.

  • Accuracy in stock tracking
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Cost savings
  • No stock-out or Excess stock problems
  • Key requirements of the stock management system

  • Stock Quantity: Mention the right stock quantity required to execute the processes.
  • Minimum Stock: Set the minimum stock level to allow the software to track the stock and remind you of replenishment.
  • Stock Location: Stock software allows you to locate the stock in the inventory which saves a lot of time and effort otherwise wasted with manual tracking.
  • Stock delivery and expiry Date: Regular stock tracking allows you to keep an eye over the stock delivery and expiry date and ensures that you meet the deadlines.
  • Stock delivery number: The stock delivery number is automatically generated and data is maintained for reference purposes.
  • Finding the right stock management system

    It is imperative for businesses, manufacturing firms and other industries to invest in reliable and high-quality stock management software.

    Invoice Office is a credible software that has a stock tracking feature integrated. This invoicing system with a stock tracking feature allows you to keep a close check on your inventory levels and avoid stock out or excess stock situations.

    You can always create easy packing notes and check for the items in the stick through the stock management system.

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