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Create a packing note with Invoice Office

If you have a company that deals in goods, making a packing note is just as important as making an invoice. A delivery note is a description of the contents of goods that are delivered. It contains information about the materials or products present, including information about the sender. The packing note, also called delivery note, therefore consists of more than just an order list.

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Digital delivery notes help every entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you are often very busy, making packing tickets takes time and money. The sending of your packages can therefore be delayed. With Billing Office you can choose to send packing slips digitally by e-mail. If you just want to print out your packing slip, that is no problem.

Many companies keep their administration updated manually. Folders full of invoices and packing notes. You can also choose to organize everything online at the same place. Very simple, without searching in old files.

Having an online administration is also good for the environment. Every year it saves a huge amount of paper and printing costs if you can organize everything online. So you can make a packing slip without having to physically store it. This way you contribute to the efficiency of your company and to the environment, a win-win!

An example packing note

To the right you will find an example packing note that you can make in Invoice Office. Within minutes it is ready to be sent. You can even make them directly from an invoice or quotation , very useful!

If you want to see the packing note example better, you can download the file below.

Download here a sample packing slip in PDF

We also have a example invoice , example credit note , example payment reminder and a example quotation .

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