How Billing Software Help To Deal With Late Invoice Payments

late invoice payment

Every year, many businesses have to deal with a common problem, i.e. late invoice payment. It is observed that over 60 percent of all the invoices raised by a business are paid late. Moreover, the statistics suggest that on average business invoices are paid six days late and more than one-fifth of the invoices are paid late by more than 2 weeks. The introduction of the billing software has improvised the situation significantly but, small business owners face troubles in trusting software for invoices. Especially the small scale businesses that depend on day to day cash flow for their smooth functioning have problems with handling the late invoice dealings as well as trusting a free invoicing online option.

In this post, we shall discuss both, the problem with late invoice payment and how an online invoicing system can help you deal with it. So, let’s get started:

Blaming the postal system:

Most of the time businesses have to suffer from the client stating that the check has been sent and must be delayed because of the postal system. As there is no way for you to verify this fact, you may have to believe what the client has to say. On the other hand, if you use an invoicing software free, you can easily get the clarity of the payments outstanding or check initiated.

The bill has been missed/ We haven’t got the bill:

Many times, clients claim that they did not receive the bill or that the bill has been misplaced. To ensure you do not end up sending the bill at the wrong address, or any chances of the bill getting misplaced, generate an online invoice free of cost. You can send or share the bill with the client and keep it safely uploaded on the online space for an indefinite period of time.

The system is down:

You might have faced this situation several times when the client puts the blame on the technology stating that their system is down and hence, they cannot check the details or make any payment. Again, if you use advanced invoicing software free, you can share a common online space with your client and generate and upload the payment details. The client can easily access the software at any time and check what the payment outstanding is or when the next bill will be updated.

Invest in credible software for invoices

To ensure you do not have to face such problems in your business, you must invest in a credible online invoicing software. There are many companies that develop invoice software but not all of the options they offer are credible. Some of the key aspects to consider while shopping for reliable software for invoices::

  • Check the company background and reputation. You can read reviews online and find out how long the company has been operating in the market.
  • Compare the prices of the software. There are many free invoicing online software that is as credible as any of their paid counterparts.
  • Check the integration formalities and invest in a software that is easy to use and integrate with your existing systems.
  • Hope this helps you in finding the best online invoicing system and generate accurate bills as well as avoid delayed payments.

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