How does a free or paid account work? And can I stop when I want?

How does a free or paid account work? And can I stop whenever I want?

Below you will find information about our free and paid packages. For an overview of all packages, check out the prices page .

What are the requirements for starting?

Invoice Office is an online program. The only thing you need to start is a working internet connection and an internet browser.

Are there any costs involved to try out (free account)?

No, you can use the full version of Billing Office for free. The only thing is that there is a limit on three invoices and a 1 user per month. You can always upgrade to a paid account later when you want to use additional features.

Why do you have a free license? Are there conditions or obligations to use a free account?

There are no conditions attached to the free package. You can use this unlimited. We offer this because we know how challenging it is to start and run a business. We are happy to help you on your way!

How do I upgrade to a paid account?

We offer various options for upgrading to a paid account. Think of automatic payments, paying by credit card or iDeal.

Can I stop when I want? And what happens to my data when I stop?

You can stop at any time without additional costs or conditions. The notice period is 1 month. You still have access to your account and you are given so that you do not lose when you stop. The only restriction will be that you can not use the functions of a paid package.