Tips for entrepreneurs: VAT return

Tips for entrepreneurs: VAT return

If you want to be your own boss, you have to pay a little more attention to VAT, the value added tax. Every entrepreneur has to deal with it. Ultimately, the consumer pays the tax that is levied by the government on selling services or products. As a company you only pay the sales tax that you could charge to your customers. When you file the VAT return, you may reduce that amount again with what you have paid to others, the input tax. In this article we list a number of useful tips regarding the BWT declaration.

Do your VAT declaration on time, so also your payment

Even if you have not made any turnover in the past quarter, you still have to file a VAT return. Every entrepreneur is liable for VAT. If you forget this, you will get a hefty fine. You will also have to state a total amount of 0 euros.

VAT declaration and doing business in EU countries

If you have provided services or goods to a company in another EU country, you do not have to charge VAT. With import you just have to pay the applicable VAT rate in the Netherlands. If you have paid VAT in another EU country, you can simply get it back through the Dutch tax authorities.

Use the VAT declaration report from Invoice Office

As an entrepreneur, you want to spend more time doing business and less time on administration. You can easily file VAT returns in the software of Invoice Office . If you keep track of all your invoices, offers and credit notes in the program, you will automatically receive a handy overview at the end of each quarter, which you can use for your VAT declaration. You can even see the total overview of input tax when you also enter all incoming invoices. It is very simple to file VAT returns in this way!

Simple and quick VAT declaration?

Discover all features from Invoice Office or sign up for a free account , and start today!

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