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What is a VAT number? And how can I check it?

What is a VAT number?

If you want to send invoices, it is important that you provide a correct VAT number. But when should you mention it? And what is ü will be a VAT number? In this article we help you by answering these questions.

A VAT number, what is it?

Anyone who registers with the tax authorities will receive a BWT number. In the Netherlands VAT numbers always start with "NL", followed by 9 numbers and often end with B01. Each country has a different structure, for example, a Belgian VAT number is BE9876543210 and a Dutch number is NL987654321B01.

How do you check a VAT number?

If you do business with another company, it is important that the VAT number of this company is correct. Especially when you can change the VAT, checking is very important. You can check a VAT number in the following ways:

  • You can call the Tax Phone  
  • You can check all European VAT numbers on the VIES VAT number validation website  
  • Many invoice software also allow you to check a VAT number that you enter automatically.

State a VAT number on an invoice, when does that have to be?

Invoices that you send yourself must always contain a VAT number. This is required by the tax authorities. Just like other important information, such as the breakdown of VAT amounts and the invoice number.

You only have to mention the VAT number of the recipient when the VAT is changed. If so, you must state the number on the invoice. If you invoice abroad, it is always mandatory to mention the VAT number of the recipient.