Payment reminder

Follow up all your outstanding invoices, very simple!

A sample payment reminder from Invoice Office

Outstanding invoices are a problem for many entrepreneurs. The existence of an enterprise is about money. When a service or product is sold, the money is often received afterwards, by means of an invoice. Companies often wait until the last moment before they pay an invoice. It may be that they forget to pay an invoice, therefore a payment reminder (or incorporation) is useful to send. Taking legal action directly is probably too premature.

Benefits of sending a payment reminder online

You can easily track your outstanding invoices online. Invoice Office has a sample payment reminder that every company can use. Below you will find a number of advantages among each other.

  • With Invoice Office you can send automatic payment reminders. As soon as an invoice is not paid, after the payment date has been paid, our payment reminder software automatically sends a reminder. So you do not have to worry about writing a reminder and sending it manually.  
  • You can see if a previously sent invoice is open  
  • You do not have to call customers right after the first payment term has expired  
  • Spend debtor management for all your outstanding invoices via the software, so you have more time for business

A sample payment reminder for each company

To the right you see a sample payment reminder that you can create in Invoice Office. Complete with all features and requirements, such addresses, Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number and many more.

If you want to see the payment reminder example better, you can download it via the link below by clicking on it.

Download the example payment reminder in PDF
  • I have been using Invoice Office for 5 years now and I think it's fantastic how the design, the functionality and the platform have grown with me.
    <font color="white">Susan Redfield</font>
  • It makes my life so much easier, I wish I had this when I started my business! It really is a time saver and works very pleasant.
    <font color="white">Roy Freeman</font>
    Digital Builders
  • The software looks great in terms of design. The billing that also accepts online payments and keeps track of costs is very easy to use.
    <font color="white">Patrick Berg</font>
    Berg Consultancy

How can automatic reminders help you?

  • As a freelancer you often have too little time. You are too busy to check outstanding invoices.
  • You do not want to call customers. Many entrepreneurs do not want to call customers at all and ask why a payment is not yet received. They prefer to do business instead of being involved in debtor management.
  • The knowledge of debtor management often fails. Usually the entrepreneur does not know exactly when he can ring after his invoice. Is interest also owed to the customer? Are you making payment arrangements handy? Sometimes a freelancer is torn down, especially by larger companies. If you have the right knowledge, it is often not necessary.