How can I register a payment so that my accounting is correct?

How can I register a payment so that my accounting is correct?

The correct registration of a payment is important for good business administration. Do you receive a new payment? Register it in a few clicks.

To register a new payment, click the plus next to payments under sales You will automatically be redirected to the invoice overview. From that, you register the payments.

Click sales> payments for an overview of all your payments.

Now you'll see sales invoices in your overview. Click next to a document action> register payment .

Now a screen opens with the payment details. The software always automatically fills in the outstanding amount. Double check whether the amount corresponds to the collected amount. Is it a partial payment? Then the remaining amount is automatically processed in the next payment. Check the rest of the data as the date and the payment method. It is also possible to make a note on the payment, in the remarks box. Here you can also find different layout options.

Are all details correct? Then click on save. The payment has been successfully processed and can now be found on your overview of payments.

For more explanation, look further at the website of Invoice Office!